AG says

“I originally brought my daughter to Miriam because she has nighttime congestion. After one treatment and some changes in her diet, her congestion totally disappeared. I was so thrilled that I made an appointment with Miriam for myself. I have had pain in my knee for the past five years and was told by a doctor that I could get a cortizone shot to alleviate the pain… After my second treatment with Miriam, I went for a five mile jog and experienced no pain at all! She’s amazing!”

BB says

“Over the years my treatments with Miriam have kept me in balance. It is the best kind of deep ‘tune-up’, bringing me back into alignment again and again!”

ZD says

“Miriam has been a wonderful and inspirational healer for me. Over the last several years, Miriam has helped with challenges ranging from chronic migraine to fertility. Miriam has also been invaluable in supporting my pregnancy. I feel fortunate to have access to working with such a talented acupuncturist. It’s made all the difference!”

MF says

“I had one of the most significant self-healing breakthroughs of my life.”

PR says

“Miriam doesn't treat merely the symptoms, she treats — and understands — the whole person. I always come away from her office feeling very much better, very much lighter and stronger.”

MS says

“Miriam has been a huge help to me over the several years since I have known her. She has relieved several attacks of extreme lower back pain has all but eliminated my previously recurring migraines. She combines technical expertise with a kind, sympathetic and compassionate manner.”

JF says

“I have been getting Classical Five-Element Acupuncture treatments from Miriam for over four years now. Why? I get relief. Sleeplessness? Check. Anxiousness? Check. Stomach issues? Check. Shoulder injury? Check. Miriam is kind, warm and compassionate. Her treatments just work. I will continue to recommend Miriam to everyone I know.”

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