About Classical Five-Element Acupuncture

There are many kinds of acupuncture. Most types of acupuncture are concerned with relieving pain or other symptoms.

Classical Five-Element Acupuncture is special. It treats the underlying cause of the symptom.

Rather than just palliating a symptom, Classical Five-Element Acupuncture (CFEA) gets to the root.

About Acupuncture

The ancient Chinese believed that vital energy (“qi”) flows through our body in a web of interconnected pathways (“meridians”). Acupuncture restores and preserves health, vitality, and resilience by assisting the free and balanced flow of qi. Tiny needles (as thin or thinner than the hair on your head) are inserted into various points located on the body to affect the flow of vital energy. Needles are made of stainless steel, are sterile, and are disposed of after one use.

Acupuncture for the Whole Person, Not Just the Symptom

Often, when a person receives CFEA for a particular condition, they find a whole collection of other symptoms (symptoms that they hadn’t even mentioned) also disappears — because the underlying cause is being addressed.

A person receiving CFEA for a frozen shoulder may find that a nagging digestion issue they had lived with for years also goes away.

A person getting CFEA for insomnia or anxiety may discover a life long swelling in their ankles disappears at the same time.

Dedicated, One-on-One Acupuncture Treatments

CFEA treatments are carried out in a one-on-one setting. I only see one patient per session, so my attention is undivided. 

This allows for privacy, unhurried attention to details, and continuity over the course of treatment.

Acupuncture for Long-Standing Issues

One of the joys in practicing CFEA is seeing a person’s long-standing issues resolve — even ones the person thought they were stuck with for life.

CFEA is based on treating the whole person, not just a collection of symptoms, or the physical layer of an individual.

Each person is unique, and deserves a specific course of treatment suited to his or her energetic make-up. There is no “one size fits all” in CFEA, no matter what the complaint is.

Seasonal Acupuncture, Preventative Medicine

Many patients continue with seasonal “tune ups” once their original complaint is resolved. CFEA becomes not only a way of keeping symptoms from returning - but of truly preventative medicine.

The Ancients recognized that a practitioner could observe energetic imbalances forming long before they had flared into disease. I have a number of individuals in my practice who receive treatments at the change of seasons, or if there is a particularly stressful event occurring in their lives - thus “nipping in the bud” any imbalances before they become troublesome.

Acupuncture & You

Classical Five-Element Medicine Complements Western Medicine

CFEA is a wonderful complement for Western Medicine: it helps people heal from surgery faster, reduce pain medications sooner, and to feel “good inside” even when difficult medical protocols are necessary.

CFEA is particularly helpful for professional athletes and dancers, who often push themselves in performance despite old injuries and exhaustion. The renewed vigor and ability to heal can make all the difference in the satisfaction they receive from their pursuits.

Food Allergies and Seasonal Foods

The ancient Chinese recognized that lifestyle is paramount in health and longevity. Sometimes, learning what food choices are right for one's own specific energetic needs can be dramatically helpful.

For some people, working with particular plants instills deep calm or revitalizing power. And for some individuals, engaging in exercises which promote flow in the body and spirit (such as T’ai Chi) is the key to feeling truly vital and alive.

I delight in empowering interested clients with the wealth of wisdom available in Taoist Medicine.

Acupuncture for Anxiety, Mood Disorders and Other Ailments

People seek CFEA for a variety of reasons. Some come for anxiety, depression, low vitality. Others have a specific complaint such as asthma, digestive difficulties, infertility, skin disorders, arthritis, or an injury. Some have been suffering from side effects from western medicines used to treat conditions such as cancer or autoimmune disfunction. Some people seek out CFEA simply because they feel vaguely unwell or stressed.

CFEA is devoted to helping people get relief from not only whatever symptoms are presenting, but also to discovering and reclaiming the joy, fulfillment, inspiration, peace and sense of deep purpose that is everyone’s natural birth right.

Children & Acupuncture

Because CFEA treats the underlying cause of a symptom it's very helpful for children with learning differences and disabilities. The sense of balance, calm and clarity which children gain makes for dramatic shifts in their ability to process information, sensations, and emotions.

Natural, Balanced Energy

The Ancient Taoists were acute observers of Nature. They saw that we humans are part of Nature, subject to the same laws which govern the seasons, the life cycle of plants and animals, the same laws that support a healthy, vibrant expression of Life itself.

Part of CFEA treatment is finding out which ways a person can use the energy available in the Natural World to heal and restore vigor and sense of purpose. For instance, sometimes simply connecting with the change of seasons outdoors can be a profound help.

Relief from Modern Stresses

You cannot have a truly healthy body if your mind or spirit is not okay. Many of us in modern times have adequate shelter from the weather, enough food to eat, and a change of clothes to wear. Our physical needs are met, yet there is still a lot of disease. CFEA incorporates the treatment of a person’s mind and spirit as part of the support of the whole person.

Often, people describe the renewed sense of purpose and joy in life which they get from CFEA treatment as “feeling good inside myself”. They describe the mental clarity and peace they experience as feeling very natural: “Like I am myself again”. This is in tune with the Ancients’ view of health as not just being freedom from disease, but how your innermost essence naturally expresses itself when you are balanced, vibrant and alive.
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